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Name:mr duck's embarrassed
Location:Adelaide, Australia
One day there was a girl. Much to her chagrin, she was pretty average. The end.

I am crossposting to livejournal: nigeltde.

You can email me at Nigel at

I have things of a Library fashion and also a movie fashion. And, goddammit, I am also trying out a thing for fanfiction recs. My paltry fiction is collected here.

Lovely layout by [personal profile] sforzinda, made inelegant by me. Colours from palette by Miss Anthropy.

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alexander skarsgaard's shoulders' elephantitis, animal rights, being generally incompetent, being the moon, billy the mountain, david gulpilil's knowing knowingness, dean winchester's man pain, debauching your sloth, folkie shit, forty-seven ginger-headed sailors, gay-coloured glasses, going a bit wrong, hot cylon action, indigenous rights, jamie bamber's upper arms, joy, lance bass's lesbian eyes, making huge mistakes, mr dalliard, nick cave and minions, proving points via song, stark sands's temptress wink, thank you kindly, the crunch, the pacino motherfuckers, twisting soupily, ubuntu, what would lafayette do?
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